STARFLEET International Correspondence Chapters by InterestEdit

This list is not complete by any stretch of the imagination. Each ship is listed with its region and a link to the most recent web site I am aware of. If you are a member of a corry SFI ship, feel free to add and correct, or let me know and I'll do it.

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USS Gygax, Region 4

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Bennu Station, Region 1

USS Britannia, Region 20

USS Callisto, Region 15

USS Charleston, Region 1

USS Chicago, Region 12

USS Christine Hoagland, Region 1

USS Columbia, Region 1

USS Commonwealth, Region 1

USS Constitution, Region 15

USS Dakota, Region 1

USS Daniel Soule, Region 5

USS Dauntless, Region 8

USS DeBraak, Region 7

USS Edinburgh, Region 7

Space Station Freedom III, Region 3

USS Ganymede, Region 4

USS Gygax, Region 4

USS Hecate, Region 7

USS Hellfire & Brimstone, Region 12

USS Horangi, Region 9

USS Indomitable, Region 5

USS Isaac, Region 20

USS Jack Fletcher, Region 5

USS Jaresh-Inyo, Region 11

USS Jurassic, Region 1

USS Krakatoa, Region 12

USS Magellan, Region 13

USS Majestic, Region 10

USS Maquis, Region 1

USS Matrix, Region 7

USS McAuliffe, Region 7

USS Moontype, Region 17

USS Navras, Region 3

Space Station Nikola Tesla, Region 1

USS Odin, Region 1

USS Onizuka, Region 4

USS Orion Star, Region 11

USS Peacekeeper, Region 4

USS Pinguin, Region 5

USS Ravensclaw, Region 3

Retribution Station, Region 3

USS Richthofen, Region 7

USS Rising Moon, Region 2

USS Robert E Lee, Region 7

USS Robins, Region 2

USS Saint George, Region 6

USS Serenity, Region 3

USS Southern Cross, Region 11

USS Stormbringer, Region 4

Troubadour Station, Region 12

USS Vanguard, Region 9

USS Wessex, Region 4

USS White Star, Region 12

USS Wildhorse, Region 5

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