Welcome to My EtherPadd Replacement

EtherPadd was a collaborative white board which was great for everything from planning to to do lists. Since it was taken over by Google Wave, I have not found anything I am satisfied with to replace it. I was origionally just using this to store my old Ether Padds to not lose them. I will until I find something I like better. I miss my EtherPadd.

The topic of this Wiki is Me, Myself, & IEdit

Please note, if you are a thief trolling for a place to rob that my dad is a retired hermet. This means he is home at all times, except doctor's appointments. (We can't even convince him to go get his hair cut.) My mom is also retired and home most of the time.

The PagesEdit

  1. Quotes I Like
  2. NES / USS Corsair Relay For Life Information
  3. Star Trek
    1. Notes, Links, & General Info
    2. STARFLEET International Correspondance Chapter Interest List
    3. Character Background
    4. TOS Reviews
    5. Mailing List Keepers
  4. Doctor Who Notes, Links, & General Info
  5. Minecraft (an addicting little 8-bit sandbox game)
  6. Vacations:
    1. Ideas
    2. 2014
    3. 2013
    4. 2012
      1. Hammond, LA area restaurants
    5. 2011
    6. 2010
  7. Star Trek Fan Days 2010
  8. Podcasts I listen to
  9. Random links I want to keep track of
  10. NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month
    1. 2011
    2. 2012 (T'Zhal Bio)
  11. Recipes
    1. Deserts
    2. Drinks
    3. Starches

Latest activityEdit

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